Opportunities for the press

Great interest in Västerås Filmfestival 2015.

Newspapers and radio reported about the festival and the films. This year, in 2016, we expect more interest from the media, as we expand the festival with feature films, regional competitions and workshops.



This year we will work together with media with a more long term perspective. To try to reach the public in a more concrete way regarding everything that happens during the festival, to increase the understanding for what a film festiv al is and what its purpose is from regional, national and international perspectives.

The many events at a filmfestival offer opportunities for media to report newsworthy events.

We expect participants and winners from other countries as well as Sweden. We're planning for a large number of films, circa 25 feature films, 50 short films, 60 minute films will be screened during 5 days, and debates regarding film, film production and film politics.

Representatives for the press are welcome to contact Carlos Morén at info@vasteras-filmfestival.se

We will provide more info throughout 2016 starting April 1st.





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