Minute film
Short film
Feature film
International film
Swedish film
Nordic film
High School film

Registration fee:


Minute movie free


Short film up to 30 min. (fiction): 10 Dollar

Short film longer than 30 min (fiction): 15 Dollar


Documentary up to 30 min: 10 Dollar


Documentary longer than 30 minutes: 15 Dollar


Feature international film fiction: 15 Dollar


Feature nordic film: 15 Dollar



After you submit your film to us, you will receive

an email after a day with deposit details.


Once the fee is paid, we register the movie and send it to the movies and program group.


Västerås Film Festival will make a decision after

the 12 th of Aug. if the movie are going to bee screening at the Film Festival 2017.

Västerås filmfestival



The film must be finished in 2016 and 2017.


If the film is not in Swedish, there must be Swedish or English text.


The movie minimum resolution is HD (1900x1080) and maximum resolution

2K (2048 × 1080).


Screening format for the cinema: DCP - Digital Cinema Package. We can also accept other file formats for example Movie, AVI, Mpeg.

The material should be converted with quality without any picture / audio malfunction.



The creator is responsible for ensuring that his / her contribution does not violate copyright and that material such as music or other audio, video or movie sequences does not belong to any other creator without permission.


Västerås Film Festival disclaims this responsibility.



1. National Minute movie (1 minute)


2. National Short Film

(Different Lengths 1-72 min)


3. National Documentary

(Different Lengths 1-72 min)


4. Nordic Feature Movie,

(Length: 72 and above)


A. International

B. National

C Nordic

D. High School movie in Sweden



Application time ends at the 6 th of Aug.


If the movie is going to be screening at the film festival. You have to send posters, pictures and advertising information about the movie to us before 21 th Aug.

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