Minut film
Short film
Feature film
International film
Swedish film
Nordic film
High School film



1. Minute Film (max 1 minut)

2. Short (length: 1-15 minutes)

3. Docymentary (length: 1-15 minutes)

4. Feature Film, Length: 72 minutes or longer


A. International

B. Swedish

C. Nordic

D. High School (National Skol Film Sweden)



All international and Swedish short and

Feature films must be submitted no later than 31 july.

It includes materials such as posters, pictures

and other.



Registration fee through the website:

Minute Movie Free


Short up to 15 min. (fiction) 10 dollar

Documentary up to 15 minutes: 10 dollar


Nordic fiction feature film: 15 dollar

International feature film: 15 dollar



After you have registered, you get a email from us with information about the deposit. The movie becomes registered when it is paid.


The film must have finished production during 2016 or 2017.

If the film is in another language than Swedish or English, subtitles in Swedish or English are required. Swedish films are not required to have subtitles, even if it is appreciated.

Full length features must be submitted with the DCP-format.

All films must be submitted in fully working HD format.


The creator has the responsibility to make sure that his/her submitted film does not contain protected material like music or other sound, images or filmclips, unless the creator has been given permission. In which case the producer is expected to be able to prove it if necessary. Västerås Filmfestival is denies any responsibility.


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